Day 3: Am I obsessed?

So along with Grace for the Good Girl, I’ve also been reading Crazy Love, by Francis Chan with our leadership group here on campus. It is such a great book, Chan breaks down so many of the questions that I think alot of have in our hearts about God’s love and helps, at least for me, to see a way in which I can apply it to my life to look more like Christ’s. This week the chapter we were reading was called “Profile of the obsessed”, the title pretty much says it all. He talks about if we really are obsessed with God, what our lives should look like. One of the “profiles” he shared with us that particularly stuck out to me was this:

“People who are obsessed with Jesus give freely and openly without censure. Obsessed people love those who hate them and who can never love them back.”

This has been something that I have been seeing presented to me in different ways over and over. Whether it be in giving my time, money, energy or love. We are not supposed to give 90% of our love to someone because we are exhausted and need  a little break…we are supposed to be loving the people we come in contact with just as Jesus would. He never turned people away because he was tired, or because they annoyed him. He showed them love. This has been a challenge that I have been seeing myself face recently, in relationships that I just don’t always have the energy to be in…and honestly sometimes don’t want to answer the text message asking me to hang out because I’m exhausted and need some time to myself to refresh. This is not where I want my heart to be. I pray that God would fill my heart with love for my friends, and others that I come in contact with around campus and in my days.

God help me see your children: my brothers, sisters, parents, friends, strangers, and enemies, in the way that you do.


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