it’s not just “x”


Right now I’m overwhelmed with frustration and sorrow for the ways that some people think and see other people. I’m being faced head on with contradictions and ignorance from people about the world of people with disabilities. Can we all just take a moment and before we label someone as “autistic”, ” dyslexic”, “ADHD”…really look at them as a human being. One who has feelings, dreams, strengths and weaknesses, talents, gifts and challenges just like all the rest of us.

“Autism, is part of my child, it’s not everything he is.”

Such a huge part of why I want to be a SPED teacher is for the parents, family members, friends and general

people who come in contact with people with disabilities. I want to be there to answer questions, show love and acceptance, be a support through the struggle and expand the community of people who recognize that just because there is a difference between you and me doesn’t make you any less valued of a person.

They’re not “an autism” or “autistic child”…they are a child who has autism.

He’s not the “CP kid”…he’s a kid who has cerebral palsy.

She’s not the “deaf girl”…she is a girl with a hearing impairment.

They aren’t the “retards”…they’re the kids with a developmental delay or intellectual disability.

It’s not “wheelchair bound”…it’s I need a wheelchair to help me.

It’s not suffering…it’s a part of who they are…a part of their individual life and the way God made them.


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