Monthly Archives: January 2012

Today is…


a burnt orange kind of day…on a scale from hot pink to puke green. A few days ago a friend of mine said something like this to me and I have been using it myself to help me through the hard days and enjoy the good ones.

that little monster
hiding under your bed
in your closer
behind every tree
every time it looks different
and you never know
which it will be
or when it will come

when it shows itself
you try and turn away
run the other direction
keep it as far from you as possible
but that only prolongs
the hurt
the fear
when you face it head on
and call it out
for what it really is
you don’t seem so afraid
when you call out for help
you’re given strength
to face the monster

i’m hurt right now, healing. calling out to God for help, courage, strength and hope.


In the arms


You pick me up
and carry me away
with the strength
of who you are.
Carefully manuever
to keep this broken leg
out of harms way.
You shield me
in what could be a deadly disaster.
As the tears roll down my cheek
you gently wipe them away
and whisper
that I will be okay.
You don’t promise
You don’t say no┬ápain, no hurt.
Instead you bring love
and strength.