Psalm 103, Zach Jones


We confess our wrongs

and pray for forgiveness.

Knowing that you are our loving Father.

You take them away,

far away

as far as the east is from the west.

You pull us out of the muck,

the pit of life,

the world.

You hold us and carry us,

like a parent carries a child.

We are your children.

Despite the countless times and ways

we turn away from you,

you are always there with open arms.

Ready to take us in,

love us, teach us

and watch us grow.

“God went back and got the shaking little girl that was hidng under the bed and convinced her to come out. He unclenched her little fists and took her hand and place it in his and answered her question. He held her and told her it was OK for her not to be tough. He would protect her. She didn’t have to be strong. He told her she wasn’t a rock but a child. An innocent child. His child. He didn’t condemn her for anything but instead understood her and loved her! He told her she was special…like no other and that she had special gifts like no other. She knew his voice and trusted him. She could hear the pleasure He had for her in His voice and felt His delight in her as He  talked. He was so gentle and loving she couldn’t help but melt in His arms.”

~ Captivating, page 104


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