Lovesick, Tenth Avenue North


A couple of my friends have been inspired me through their daily blogging in response to scriptures, songs, and feelings through poems and pictures. There have been a few songs over the past few days that have kindled something in me, and made me want to write my own responses…not all of them have worked out the way I thought they would. I have the feelings in my head, the ideas of what I want to get across…but I cannot find those perfect words that can convey what I really mean.

Night Light

When I was a little girl

nothing held me back.

I could do anything,

be anyone I wanted to be.

I wasn’t afraid of trying new things.

These hesitations that keep me now…

are new.

Made by just one person,


I used to face my fears, monsters
and demons

full on, head first.

Where am I now?

Now I am running.

Running from what I’ve wanted for so long.

I’m wandering around in circles

like a lost little puppy without a home.

Searching for just one thing,

a light.

One to guide me through this next stage of life.

Like the night light I had when I was younger.

With this child like voice,

and child like strength

I’m calling out to you.

Come find me, rescue me

and take me home.


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