I am really learning what friendship is. Both in happy and sad ways. But I know that both ways of learning this teach me something different, and although some of the experiences have not been ones that I would care to repeat…I have grown because of them.

For the most part, I’ve never been really good at making relationships with people my own age…not many that went beyond the surface. But I have seen this change, through my senior year a few of my relationships have been strengthened and deepened. This has been one of the most valuable changes that I have made lately, or more like has happened to me. Since I have been here, like I have said many times before…I have made relationships deeper and faster than I ever have. But I have made connections with people my own age. I can be honest about what I feel, what’s going on in my life, and I’m getting better at asking for help when I need it(this will take some time).

If you would have tried to ask me about this topic of friendship and relationships I have here a few days ago…or even a few weeks or months ago, my response would be totally different. And I won’t deny that I probably will not always have this same frame of mind about the subject as issues come and go. But right now I am focusing on the friendships that I do have. Today I was happily surprised when me and a friend were driving home from the store and she told me something she had said to one of her other friends: “Me and Sarah are actually good friends.” She was one of the first people I met here, and our friendships has been growing over the past few months…but it seems like more now than it ever was/has.

I was told that Winter 3 is the time where you get to catch up on sleep, watch all the movies you’ve never seen…but what I can take away from it is strengthened relationships with multiple friends! Many conversations about life. Where do I stand with this issue? What do I do now? How can I move forward? and simply  finding out more of who I am…realizing some things that I didn’t know about myself.

I would rather have a handful of friends who I know will always be there to catch me when I fall, help build me up, call me out when needed, make me laugh and love me…than a thousand friends who I can never tell where I stand with. The friendships who live next door, down the street, a few hours away…or in another state. I wouldn’t change the true ones for the world.

xoxo sarah


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